David Kadavy

David Kadavy is author of the #18 Amazon best-seller, Design for Hackers

Love Your Work, Episode 10 – Stop Managing Your Time. Start Managing Your Mind.

February 04, 2016

Many people think their productivity struggle is one of managing their time. In reality, it’s more a struggle of managing their mind. In this mini-episode, I introduce my framework for Mind Management: using knowledge from behavioral science, psychology, and neuroscience to work with the subtle fluctuations of your mind. keep on reading »

Love Your Work, Episode 9 – Be Decisive. Laura Roeder of Edgar

January 28, 2016

whitehouse_lauraLaura Roeder is the founder of Edgar, which is (or maybe I should say “who is”) a social media automation tool. Edgar helps you create a library of social media updates that you can schedule to repeat.
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Love Your Work, Episode 8 – Creating “Aha!” Moments with Neuroscientist Dr. John Kounios

January 20, 2016

When I wrote my first book, Design for Hackers, I came across a strange phenomenon. keep on reading »

Love Your Work, Episode 7 – Transform “Stuff” into “Things”

January 14, 2016

Entrepreneurs aim to create new things that people want. To do this, you need to be able to distinguish between the “stuff” and the “things” in the world. Everything that exists is really just “stuff” turned into “things.”
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Love Your Work, Episode 6 – Don’t let your “baby” get slaughtered: Adrian Holovaty of Soundslice, Django, and Everyblock

January 07, 2016


Adrian Holovaty has learned the hard way that he wants to retain control of his business. After selling Everyblock, Adrian watched in horror as it was later shut down without warning.

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Love Your Work, Episode 5 – Stop Traveling. Start Living “Mini Lives”

December 31, 2015

To me, “traveling” is like licking a filet mignon: you get a taste, but you don’t get nourishment. That’s why I prefer to live “mini lives.” I just live my normal life in a different city, for an extended period of time.
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Love Your Work, Episode 4 – Find your superpowers: Saya Hillman of Mac & Cheese Productions

December 28, 2015


After getting fired from her job, Saya Hillman made a list of things she wanted to get paid to do. 11 years later, she’s made all of those things a reality. She gets paid to play board games, do improv, or scrapbook, for example. keep on reading »

“Love Your Work” – my new podcast

December 15, 2015

love-your-work-podcast-cover-artAm I the only one who is tired of the narrative about work today? Does anyone else yawn when they hear someone drone on about validation, A/B testing, and “optimization?” Would you be happier to enjoy what you do, and simply love Monday mornings, than you would be to pretend that you’re “crushin’ it?”
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Love Your Work, Episode 3 – Making Something Remarkable, Hiring, & Getting Press: Jonathan Wegener of Timehop

December 15, 2015

Jonathan Wegener spent 3 months traveling to every subway station in the NYC area, meticulously documenting the fastest way to get out of each station. The app he made with the data supported him for two years, until he built Timehop.

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Love Your Work, Episode 2 – Permission to Suck

December 15, 2015

This episode of Love Your Work is a “mini-episode,” in which I share some thoughts that will help you love your work. This will be an audio version of a popular blog post of mine, Permission to Suck, which reminds you that you may be holding yourself back at starting something, for the fear of sucking at it. keep on reading »