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Five Writing Myths
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It all started with a 100-word habit

I’m not a born writer. I hated writing as a kid. But I’ve written three best-selling books, and I write an email newsletter every Monday, a 2,000-word article every other week, and a 5,000-word income report every month.

Yes, I write more than 100 words a day. But it all starts with – and all started with – my 100-word writing habit.

When I decided to become a writer five years ago, my 100-word writing habit was what transformed me into a writer. Now that I am a writer, I still keep my 100-word habit.

A free email course to build your writing habit

100 words a day doesn’t seem like much. Why bother? That’s the power of the 100-Word Writing Habit. (I explain why in the course.)

If you’re going to become a writer, some days you’re going to write more than 100 words a day. But you’ll never write less than 100 words.

Even if you did stop at 100 words, that would add up. That’s a 36,500-word novel every year. How many novels have you written in how many years so far? So what are you waiting for? Join us and start your 100-word writing habit.

Taught by three-time bestselling author David Kadavy

David Kadavy

I’m author of Mind Management, Not Time Management, The Heart to Start, and Design for Hackers (as well as a handful of shorter books).

I didn’t study journalism or English lit. I’ve never enrolled in an MFA program. I wasn’t even born with a passion nor talent for writing. I built my writing career by building a writing habit.

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