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Digital Zettelkasten 99 cents

May 18 2023 – 07:07pm

Just wanted to let you know the ebook of Digital Zettelkasten is available at retailers for the lowest price ever: 99¢.

Zettelkasten is an age-old note-taking method that helps you organize what you read and think about into a network of ideas. It was originally developed on notecards, but with digital tools, you can truly turn the computer into “a bicycle for the mind.”

In case you’re wondering, note-taking is even more relevant in the age of AI. AI can help you find and make sense of small pieces of knowledge, but you still need those pieces of knowledge in your head to link them for great ideas. A Zettelkasten makes it easier to manage those pieces of knowledge and resurface them in your brain long enough to make ideas happen.

Zettelkasten is what I use to remember what I read, manage my ideas, and ultimately write articles and books.

Some retailers where you can find this deal:

This is a limited time offer so do buy now. You can find links to other retailers here.

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