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Kitchfix is a Chicago prepared meal delivery service, a provider of chef quality meals prepared from superior ingredients.

They have already won a well-earned reputation for seriously good food that is seriously good for you. They back it up with a great delivery / pickup service and they have outstanding customer service.

So, yes. Of course, I use Kitchfix.

Because I’m a solopreneur.

Think about that for a minute.

I’m a solopreneur. I need to be productive, to drive productivity. Productivity is all about mind management.

The role of nutrition in establishing the right mental state is critical. This is known. You know this.

And I know it.

Good nutrition makes you feel well AND makes you feel good. It feeds your body, your mind AND your brain.

That’s where Kitchfix gives me my fix.

Kitchfix delivers me incredibly delicious paleo food

There are three parts to that, and I love all three of them!

The food is delicious. The food is healthy. And they bring it to me!

Kitchfix order

That’s one of my orders: Braised Pork, Shredded Paleo Beef BBQ and Tropical Mahi Mahi.

Yes. I know.

OK, I wasn’t always as selective about my diet as I am now. I would eat out and order takeout and, with all due respect, you just don’t know what ingredients restaurants are using.

Kitchfix, however, uses local, organic ingredients, and the recipes meet my formerly-just-gluten-free-now-paleo diet.

Paleo isn’t always easy to prepare well, because so much relies on getting the best out of ingredients rather than masking them with sauces and flavorings.

Take it from me: Kitchfix does paleo right.

They also have vegetarian and vegan options. This week it was Roasted Acorn Squash and Chickpea Fritters with Saffron Rice.

That’s just great food!

What lifts all of this way, way above the average is that Chef Josh Katt and his team are chefs.

They’re in the business of creating great meals. That their meals are also incredibly healthy, locally sourced and available by delivery or pickup is just a huge bonus for you, and for me.

And if you’re wondering how a chef becomes a healthy food expert, Josh was hired as a personal chef for a family who followed an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

That experience cooking creatively with fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and meats led him to start Kitchfix, and bring healthy food – literally – to many more people.

An important member of his team is resident nutritionist Jenny Westerkamp, RD. Jenny really knows her stuff and is available to answer your questions about the health benefits of the Kitchfix menu.

That menu changes every Monday at 10am, and you place your order for delivery the following week.

The way it works is, you go to the website to browse the menu and put your selected meals in your cart. Nutrition and ingredient information is available for each meal or snack.

You can choose to have it delivered right to your home or office, or you can save a little money by having it dropped off in a little fridge at participating gyms. Since they are such a good paleo meal delivery service, you can bet there are lots of CrossFit gyms they deliver to.

When you get the order, you follow the reheating instructions. And that’s it.

Couldn’t be easier. Couldn’t be healthier. Or more delicious.

The Kitchfix Chicago meal delivery service area is defined by zip code on the website, and there’s a map of drop-off hubs. Which seems to get bigger every time I look at it.

I’m giving Kitchfix this good review because I use them myself. They do a great job for me and I know they will for you, too.

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