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David Kadavy is author of the #18 Amazon best-seller, Design for Hackers, & host of Love Your Work

What I learned about productivity while reinventing Google Calendar

January 23, 2017

You may have noticed that Google Calendar has been adding new features lately. You can find time for your goals, and set reminders, for example.

I played a very small part in these features, but I learned a lot about my own productivity in the process.

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Love Your Work, Episode 57 – How Noah Kagan Manages His Mental Energy

January 19, 2017

Noah Kagan podcast interviewNoah Kagan first appeared on Love Your Work back on episode 41. On that episode, we talked about why discomfort is your compass, and learned that Noah even makes his bed in hotel rooms. keep on reading »

See you next year. Here’s why. – Love Your Work, Episode 56

December 14, 2016

Over the past year, pretty much every week, I’ve released a new episode of Love Your Work. This will be my last episode this year. I’ll be taking a break for a few weeks. keep on reading »

Make Your Bed, Change THE WORLD!? – Love Your Work, Episode 55

December 06, 2016

There’s this sort of productivity meme going around that you should make your bed. But, isn’t making your bed kind of a waste?

And isn’t making your bed especially wasteful if you’re busy?

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Love Your Work, Episode 54 – 8 Things I Wish I Had Known About Building Online Courses

December 01, 2016

One of the best ways to impact others, while making money, is through building online courses. And, if you’re considering writing a book, developing an online course is a great way to validate your idea, and see if your advice works. keep on reading »

Love Your Work, Episode 53 – James Altucher: Invest in Yourself

November 22, 2016

James Altucher podcast interview

This week, I’m bringing you a James Altucher podcast interview. I assume he doesn’t need an introduction for many of you. But for the rest, James is currently best known for his book, Choose Yourself, which is a National Bestseller, and which USA Today named in the top 12 business books of all time.
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Love Your Work, Episode 52 – My $40,000 DIY MBA

November 17, 2016

One of the more subtle underlying themes of this show is that you should invest in yourself. There’s a lot of noise out there you’ll hear from others who want you to spend your money in ways that will benefit them. Ultimately, you have to be mindful in your decisions so that you’re sure you’re really investing in yourself. keep on reading »

Love Your Work, Episode 51 – Dan Ariely: Self-Motivation Through Behavioral Economics & Psychology

November 10, 2016

dan_ariely_-_poptech_2010_-_camden_maineDan Ariely is a researcher on the forefront of behavioral science. He specializes in understanding irrational behavior, for example, why do people take less candy if you give it out for free, than if you charge a penny for all the candy you want? keep on reading »

Love Your Work, Episode 50 – Productivity isn’t about getting things done anymore

November 03, 2016

The current productivity wisdom is all about getting things done. Now, productivity is about making creative breakthroughs happen. keep on reading »

Beating “Chronic Lyme Disease”

November 01, 2016

About two years ago, after something like 20 years of mysterious maladies, my doctor diagnosed me with “Chronic Lyme Disease.” This diagnosis raises red flags for many people, because it’s doubtful whether “Chronic Lyme Disease” even exists (I discuss this further down in the post under “Diagnosis”). I share some of these doubts, but I’ll continue to refer to the condition as such for the sake of simplicity. keep on reading »

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