David Kadavy

David Kadavy is author of the #18 Amazon best-seller, Design for Hackers

A/A Testing: How I increased conversions 300% by doing absolutely nothing

February 12, 2015

There are few things wantrepreneurs (all due respect, I’m a recovering wantrepreneur myself) love to talk about more than running A/B tests.

The belief seems to be that if they just keep testing, they will find the answer, and build the business of their dreams.

Most of them are wrong. Many of their businesses would be better off if they didn’t run any A/B tests at all. keep on reading »

The Wantrepreneurial Cycle of Delusion

October 29, 2014

There’s little more exciting than working on your own idea. Time flies by, your brain lights up, and your blood pumps a little bit harder. You feel alive. You’re in a perfect state of “flow.” keep on reading »

Ignore Most Waves

October 14, 2014

Suddenly, I was being pushed with little effort. Ripples of blue-tinted coral were speeding by underneath me, with speckles of sunlight cheering me on. I knew now that I had picked the right wave, and it was ON. keep on reading »

“Will it scale?” is a less important question than “will it ever matter?”

July 30, 2014

The rise of automation and computing power has lifted vast segments of the population out of manual labor, thus freeing up their minds to pursue more existential concerns (such as making apps that make it so you can say “yo” to your friends with a tap of the finger). keep on reading »

Landing pages are for wimps: how I cured my wantrepreneuritis (& earned $5,000 in the process)

June 24, 2014

Wantrapreneuritis is a horrible disease that plagues millions of men and women, young and old, around the world. Symptoms include: keep on reading »

A Bootstrapper’s Story: 10 Years of kadavy.net

May 31, 2014

Today marks the 10th year of the kadavy.net blog. As a natural way to commemorate an event like this, one might make a list of the top blog posts from all 10 years. (I’ve already shared the design evolution of kadavy.net.)
keep on reading »

The 10-Year Design Evolution of kadavy.net

May 27, 2014

My blog, kadavy.net, has been my testing sandbox for web design and thought experimentation for nearly 10 years now (May 31st will mark 10 years since my first blog post). During that time, kadavy.net has gotten me new jobs, new clients, and eventually, one blog post turned into a book deal for Design for Hackers. keep on reading »

FancyHands Review: How I Stopped Struggling, & Started Scaling my Business

March 26, 2014

Productivity is all about mind management, not time management. If you want to be really effective at what you do best, it really helps to offload as many as unimportant details as you can. I’ve struggled with delegation, while watching my friends scale their impact, and their businesses, thanks to their delegation skills. keep on reading »

I’ve been stealthily advising Timeful, & the likes of Dan Ariely & Ashton Kutcher are involved

March 18, 2014

It seems like everyone wants to have more time. In a recent open-ended survey of folks on my email list, time was the second most talked about thing. keep on reading »

Mini-lives: how to see the world without taking a day of vacation

March 12, 2014

Seeing the world is simple: just get on a plane and go somewhere. If you really want to get the full experience in a place, it’s even better to live a mini-life, which is just like living your normal life, but in a different city. It shakes the cobwebs off of your old routines, introduces you to new things, and you return to your home base with a more sublime sense of your self. keep on reading »