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David Kadavy is author of the #18 Amazon best-seller, Design for Hackers, & host of Love Your Work

Love Your Work, Episode 27 – Jeff Goins: Listen to Your Life

May 26, 2016

jeff-goinsJeff Goins is the author of The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do.

In The Art of Work, Jeff explains why finding your calling doesn’t always follow the neat storybook path that you expect. You have to listen to your life, engage in painful practice, and build bridges all to let your story emerge. keep on reading »

Why I switched from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign

May 25, 2016

About 10 months ago, after five years with MailChimp, I switched to ActiveCampaign for my Email Service Provider for most of my emails. The whole migration took me about three months, and I researched ESPs for at least a few years before finally making the switch. Hopefully this record of my thought process will be helpful for others trying to decide on an ESP. keep on reading »

Love Your Work, Episode 25 – 37 lessons from 37 years

May 19, 2016

I recently turned 37, and this is everything that I know. I’ve been doing some writing over on Medium, and I was surprised at how well this post did. It currently has over 1,000 recommends, so maybe you’ll find some wisdom within. keep on reading »

Steve Case: Persevere in “The Third Wave” – Love Your Work, Episode 25

May 12, 2016

steve-case-podcast-interviewSteve Case was the founder and CEO of AOL – America Online. Many of you probably chuckle when you see someone with an email address that ends in AOL.com, but for me and many millions of others, AOL was our first contact with the Internet. keep on reading »

Love Your Work, Episode 24 – Save Time & Mental Energy With Mind Management and Perpetual Productivity

May 05, 2016

The most popular question (and answer) from my Quora session was “What tips or hacks have saved you the most time and/or energy in your life?” This answer had more than 24,000 views, and was featured in Inc.com. Inc also has tweeted it a couple of times to their 1.6 million followers.

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Love Your Work, Episode 23 – Travel By Your Taste: Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

April 28, 2016

Jodi-EttenbergJodi Ettenberg used to be a lawyer. She took a year off to travel 8 years ago, and never went back. Her blog, Legal Nomads, won a Lowell Thomas Award for best travel blog and has been featured in the New York Times, National Geographic, BBC Travel, CNN, and more. keep on reading »

Make it easy to do what’s good for you

April 22, 2016

Every once in awhile, I shuffle around the icons on my iPhone’s home screen. I used to think about what apps I used most, but the other day, I realized that’s the completely wrong way to think about it. keep on reading »

Love Your Work, Episode 22 – The Behavioral Revolution (Not The Information Revolution)

April 21, 2016

The economics favor digital distraction, but we have everything we need to make humanity great. We have the behavioral science knowledge, and with increasingly ubiquitous technology touchpoints such Apple Watch and The Internet of Things at large, we have a growing opportunity to shape behavior with technology.
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Is Silicon Valley Leading Us Into The Robot Apocalypse? – Love Your Work, Episode 21 w/ Nir Eyal

April 14, 2016

Nir Eyal is the author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. So he is really manufacturing the drug of digital distraction. Fortunately, he’s also concerned about the implications, so he agreed to have a discussion with me about it on the podcast. keep on reading »

Love Your Work, Episode 20 – Kill Your Todo List (& Sell Your Ideas to Google)

April 07, 2016

Sometimes, the things you feel like you should do create so much cognitive burden you can hardly get anything done. When I feel that way, I know it’s time for me to have a “Week of Want.” I give myself a whole week where I can work on whatever project I want, without having to think about what goal I’m trying to achieve.

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