Best Creativity Books

Wondering what are the best books to read on creativity? Here are some of my favorites:

Best creativity books

Most of these books are about unleashing creativity, but there are other ways to think about creativity.

For creative thinking techniques, Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking is a fascinating read.

For business mindset as a creator, Jeff Goins’s Real Artists Don’t Starve was an instant classic.

For the neuroscience of creativity, John Kounios and Mark Beeman’s The Eureka Factor is a great review of the science of insight.

For creative productivity, my own Mind Management, Not Time Management is my personal system for having ideas and bringing them into the world.

For a productivity method for creative writing, I highly recommend How to Take Smart Notes. Read my How to Take Smart Notes book summary.

There are probably some good books about creative thinking or “innovation” on an organizational level. That’s not interesting to me, so I haven’t read such books, but it seems in that vein many enjoy Creativity, Inc., from a Pixar co-founder.

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