The Heart to Start

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It’s a terrible feeling.

To know you have a gift for the world.

But to be utterly paralyzed every time you try to discover what that gift is.

Stop procrastinating and start creating!


In The Heart to Start, blogger, podcaster, and award-winning designer David Kadavy takes you on his journey from Nebraska-based cubicle dweller to jet-setting bestselling author, showing you how to stop procrastinating, and start creating.

The original and battle-tested tactics in The Heart to Start eliminate fear in your present self, so you can finally become your future self:


Inspiring stories weave these techniques into your memory. From Maya Angelou to Seth Godin. From J. K. Rowling to Steven Pressfield. You’ll hear from a Hollywood screenwriter, a chef, and even a creator of a hit board game.


Whether you’re writing a novel, starting a business, or picking up a paintbrush for the first time in years, The Heart to Start will upgrade your mental operating system with unforgettable tactics for ending procrastination before it starts, so you can make your creative dreams a reality.

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Buy direct from the author: Hardback | ebook | Audiobook

Buy from retailers:  Amazon | Everywhere else