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David Kadavy is bestselling author of The Heart to Start & Design for Hackers, & host of Love Your Work

Respect The Four Stages of Creativity – Love Your Work, Episode 218

February 20, 2020

four stages creativity

When I was writing my first book, Design for Hackers, I developed a ritual. I would lay all of my research materials on the floor. Graphic Design history books were splayed out. I had research papers or articles printed out and stapled. There were highlights and sticky notes everywhere.

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January 2020 Income Report

February 19, 2020

An audio version of this income report is available to Patreon backers of certain levels »

January’s revenues were $3,104, down from Decempber’s $4,594. Profits were $1,072, down from January’s $1,278. keep on reading »

How to Leave New York: Demir & Carey Bentley of Lifehack Bootcamp – Love Your Work, Episode 217

February 13, 2020

demir carey bentley lifehack bootcamp

Demir and Carey Bentley are co-founders of Lifehack Bootcamp, where they help professionals make more of their time and energy, to get more results. They once found themselves getting sucked into the prevailing values of the place they lived.

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Design for Your Dumber Self – Love Your Work, Episode 216

February 06, 2020

design dumber self

As I kicked and punched at the man, I glanced at the knife in his right hand. And I felt it dig into my side.

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Neil Pasricha: Resilience Through Creativity – Love Your Work, Episode 215

January 30, 2020

neil pasrichaThings were not going well for Neil Pasricha (@NeilPasricha). He came home from work one day, and his wife told him she no longer loved him. Around that same time, Neil’s best friend committed suicide.

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Why I Killed a $150,000 Passive Income Stream – Love Your Work, Episode 214

January 23, 2020

killed 150k passive income

There’s an expression, to burn your boats. It originated with a military strategy. Hernán Cortés famously “burned the boats,” after arriving in the New World to conquer the Aztec empire. (He actually “scuttled” his ships. He sunk them.)

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December 2019 Income Report

January 20, 2020

An audio version of this income report is available to Patreon backers of certain levels »

December’s revenues were $4,594, down from November’s $9,308. Profits were $1,278, down from November’s $4,570. keep on reading »

Nick Kokonas: Getting Past Good – Love Your Work, Episode 213

January 16, 2020

nick kokonasHow’s it going? Really, how are things going for you? If things are going pretty good, you might want to tear everything down, and start all over again. keep on reading »

Graduation Day – Love Your Work, Episode 212

January 09, 2020

graduation day

Four years ago, almost to the day, I moved to Colombia. Four years ago, I decided to become a writer. keep on reading »

Best of: Build Good Habits in 2020: Stanford Behavioral Scientist BJ Fogg – Love Your Work, Episode 211

January 02, 2020

bj fogg bestofThis is the time of year when we make resolutions. Very few of us will actually keep them. keep on reading »

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