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David Kadavy is author of Mind Management, Not Time Management, The Heart to Start & Design for Hackers.

Hardcover Version: Mind Management, Not Time Management

December 01, 2021

One year after the debut of Mind Management, Not Time Management, I have released a hardcover version!

If you’re like one recent Amazon reviewer of the book, who says, “I can’t express how much I love this book,” this is for you. If you like to have a “souvenir” edition of books you love, I’ve put together a book that will last for years.

The book features a dust jacket, which protects a nice surprise of a vibrant hardcover underneath. Take a look:

ingramspark hardcover jacketed case laminate ingramspark hardcover jacketed case laminate, without dust jacket

Where to get it?

This would make a great gift for yourself or anyone else who loves to create.

Farm What You Forage – Love Your Work, Episode 269

November 25, 2021

Farm Forage

Many people think our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived short and miserable lives. In fact, that’s what most anthropologists thought. Until the 1960s, when they looked more closely at how foragers got by.

The way foragers “worked” can tell us a lot about the way we, as creators, work.

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October 2021 Income Report

November 23, 2021

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October’s revenues were $6,760, down from September’s $8,327. Profits were $5,381, down from September’s $5,585.

This month I’m reporting the lowest revenue in five months. But, expenses were the lowest they’ve been in a year and a half, so profits are pretty solid. Solid enough to keep up the record-breaking streak. keep on reading »

The Void – Love Your Work, Episode 268

November 11, 2021

The Void

There’s a story I think of every time I’m in the throes of a difficult project. It’s from the movie, Catch Me if You Can, about the infamous con artist, Frank Abignale, Jr. Frank’s Father, Frank Senior, tells him a story:

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The Finisher’s Paradox – Love Your Work, Episode 267

October 28, 2021

Finisher's Paradox

When Michelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling, he designed and built his own scaffolding. But, it only covered half of the ceiling. So he painted the first half of the ceiling, then removed the scaffolding. When he finally got to view his work from the floor, seventy feet below, it was as if he were seeing it with new eyes.

After two years work, he didn’t like what he saw.

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September 2021 Income Report

October 27, 2021

An audio version of this income report is available to Patreon backers of certain levels »

September’s revenues were $8,327, down from August’s $9,115. Profits were $5,585, up from August’s $5,459.

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The Foundation Effect – Love Your Work, Episode 266

October 14, 2021

On October 10th, 1901 – 120 years ago, almost to the day – the grandstand was full at the horse track in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. But not to see horses. There was a parade of more than 100 of these new things called automobiles, and several other events, including races of automobiles with electric engines and with steam engines.

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Shipping is a Skill – Love Your Work, Episode 265

September 30, 2021

Leonardo da Vinci is easily the most-accomplished procrastinator who ever lived. He finished hardly any projects at all. He was great at many things, but he wasn’t great at shipping. The world would have been better off if Leonardo da Vinci had treated shipping as a skill.

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August 2021 Income Report

September 17, 2021

An audio version of this income report is available to Patreon backers of certain levels »

August’s revenues were $9,115, down from July’s $9,891. Profits were $5,459, up from July’s $2,877.

This month isn’t record-breaking in its revenue or profit, but it was strong enough to bring record-breaking revenue and profit, averaged over the long term. keep on reading »

Creative Waste – Love Your Work, Episode 264

September 16, 2021


When Vincent van Gogh began his career as an artist, he had already failed at everything else. He even got fired from his own family’s business in the process.



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