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David Kadavy is bestselling author of The Heart to Start & Design for Hackers, & host of Love Your Work

Double Down or Shut Down? Nathan Barry of ConvertKit – Love Your Work, Episode 143

September 17, 2018

nathan barry podcast

Nathan Barry (@nathanbarry) knows better than anyone: Sometimes, you’re working hard on something, and it’s just not happening. How do you decide whether to double down, or shut down?

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August 2018 Income Report

September 14, 2018

August’s revenues were $6,491.13, down from July’s $6,873.42. Profits were $2,348.70, down from July’s $3,458.77. keep on reading »

Aspiration Procrastination, Self-Discrepancy Theory, & How to Take Action on Your Dreams – Love Your Work, Episode 142

September 10, 2018

aspiration procrastination

It’s no surprise that we procrastinate on things that we don’t want to do. But why do we procrastinate on things we do want to do?: Our hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

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Stone Temple Pilots’ Manager: Blockchain Will Reinvent the Music Industry. Steve Stewart of Vezt. – Love Your Work, Episode 141

September 03, 2018

Steve Stewart was manager of the band Stone Temple Pilots. He guided them from being an unknown funk band to a multi-platinum powerhouse whose sound is synonymous with 90’s grunge. With Steve by STP’s side, they sold over 25 million records, for nearly half a billion dollars in sales.

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Grow your passion. Don’t “find” it. – Love Your Work, Episode 140

August 27, 2018

dont find your passion

You’ve heard the advice to find your passion. You’ve probably also heard the advice that finding your passion is bad advice.

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Why Brave Browser? Jonathan Sampson of Brave. – Love Your Work, Episode 139

August 20, 2018

why brave browserJust when you think the browser wars are over, you hear everyone talking about yet another browser. So, why Brave browser? After settling into whatever your browser of preference is – most likely Chrome, according to the latest stats – why bother switching to Brave? keep on reading »

July 2018 Income Report

August 15, 2018

July’s revenues were $6,873.42, up from June’s $4,282.10. Profits were $3,458.77, up from June’s  $3,030.73. keep on reading »

Things Don’t Go As Planned. That *Is* the Plan. – Love Your Work, Episode 138

August 13, 2018

plan for the unplanned

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Just ask me, as I’m on my temporary exile in Peru right now, since having my Colombian visa rejected.

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Privacy. Why Does it Matter to Creative Entrepreneurs? BJ Mendelson – Love Your Work, Episode 137

August 06, 2018

bj mendelson privacy

BJ Mendelson (@bjmendelson) is author of Privacy: And How to Get it Back. One of the key themes we’ve been exploring on Love Your Work over the past three years has been just how it is that creators get paid. This was certainly top of my mind when I doubled down on writing and podcasting and moved to Colombia with no clear business model in site.

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Master The Art of Staying in – Love Your Work, Episode 136

July 30, 2018

stay in podcast

Socializing is good. But socializing as a default—out of some Fear Of Missing Out—is not good. If you can find the discipline to pursue your work, while others are just killing time, you will have mastered The Art of Staying In.

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