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David Kadavy is author of Mind Management, Not Time Management, The Heart to Start & Design for Hackers.

February 2023 Income Report

March 30, 2023

February’s income was $7,973, down from January’s $11,973. Profits were $4,514, down from January’s $7,898.

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Introducing 100-Word Writing Habit (the book!)

March 23, 2023

100 word writing habit bookAfter some initial speed-bumps in keeping it in-stock, the 100-Word Writing Habit book is now available! keep on reading »

Kellogg’s 6-Hour Day – Love Your Work, Episode 298

March 23, 2023

Kelloggs 6 hour dayIn the midst of the Great Depression, cereal manufacturer Kellogg’s switched to a shorter, six-hour day. This continued a trend that seemed inevitable: people would work less and less. But economic policies, management strategies, and cultural attitudes changed. The story of the rise and fall of Kellogg’s six-hour day is a microcosm of these changes, as well as of our attitudes about the roles of money, leisure, work, and women and men.

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Desire Paths – Love Your Work, Episode 297

March 09, 2023

Desire PathsDesire paths are trails left on the ground, by anything that frequently travels along a route. There are subcultures fascinated by desire paths as symbols of collective wisdom, disregard for authority, or mere evidence of existence. Desire paths are also celebrated as a design technique. Desire paths in their pure form are about what you can see, but the characteristics of desire paths – which you can’t always see – can help you optimize your life and gain clarity in your creative projects.

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January 2023 Income Report

February 24, 2023

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January’s income was $11,279, down from December’s $16,325. Profits were $7,898, down from December’s $8,395.

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Beyond Vulnerability – Love Your Work, Episode 296

February 23, 2023

beyond vulnerabilityThe term, “vulnerability” has spread into realms where it’s not an accurate description of what’s going on. The case for being vulnerable often doesn’t make sense. In the creative realm – and possibly in others – we should pursue something beyond vulnerability.

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Summary: The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli – Love Your Work, Episode 295

February 09, 2023

 the prince niccolo machiavelli summaryThe Prince is a political treatise, written by Niccolò Machiavelli, first distributed in 1513. It’s infamous for its apparent advice to political leaders to lie, murder, and manipulate. It’s still a fascinating read today, and is thought-provoking when considering any context where the true motives of actions may not be what they seem. Here, in my own words, is a summary of Niccoló Machiavelli’s, The Prince.

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December 2022 Income Report (and 2022 review)

January 27, 2023

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December’s income was $16,325, up from November’s $8,903. Profits were $8,395, up from November’s $4,364.

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Sure Bets and Wildcards – Love Your Work, Episode 294

January 26, 2023

Sure Bets WildcardsWhich would you rather have? Mild success, or wild success? Most of us would prefer wild success. But we pursue mild success. And you can’t have one when you’re going for the other.
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Carrots, Sticks, & Blinders – Love Your Work, Episode 293

January 12, 2023

carrots-sticks-blindersYou can’t get through a project on momentum alone. But there are mechanisms you can use to tweak your motivation and make better use of what momentum you have. These motivation mechanisms aren’t one-size-fits-all – you have to choose which ones work for you.
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