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David Kadavy is bestselling author of The Heart to Start & Design for Hackers, & host of Love Your Work

March 2019 Income Report

April 24, 2019

This income report is available in audio for $15+ Patreon backers.

March’s revenues were $10,063.23, up from February’s $5,105.48. Profits were $6,432.08, up from February’s $2,782.83. keep on reading »

Introducing Love Mondays (“Things take time”) – Love Your Work, Episode 174

April 18, 2019

introducing love mondays

Do you want to love Mondays? If you already love Mondays, do you want to keep loving Mondays? I’m launching a new newsletter that will help you do just that.

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Austin Kleon: Keep Going – Love Your Work, Episode 173

April 11, 2019

austin kleon podcast

Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) woke up one day and realized two things: The world seemed to be filled with more and more anger and distraction every day, and – to make matters worse – consistently doing creative work wasn’t getting any easier.

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Change Your Identity, Change Your Actions – Love Your Work, Episode 172

April 04, 2019

identity actions podcastIf you do particular actions on a regular basis, you’ll change your identity. For example, if you make it a habit to write every day, you’ll eventually see yourself as a writer.

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David Allen’s Accidental Legacy – Love Your Work, Episode 171

March 28, 2019

david allens getting things done legacy

David Allen (@gtdguy) has built a legacy. He’s created a system that helps millions of people get more of what they want out of life. Getting Things Done, the book, has sold millions of copies. And there’s an entire cottage industry of GTD apps and consultants, all over the world.

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No, I’m Not Building a Legacy – Love Your Work, Episode 170

March 21, 2019


Lots of people want to build a “legacy.” They want to be remembered when they’re gone.

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February 2019 Income Report

March 14, 2019

February’s revenues were $5,105.48, down from January’s $6,774.97. Profits were $2,782.83, up from January’s $1,636.14. keep on reading »

Andrew Warner of Mixergy Does it for Love – Love Your Work, Episode 169

March 14, 2019

andrew warner mixergy podcast

To me, Andrew Warner’s (@andrewwarner) Mixergy podcast created the entire category of entrepreneur interview podcasts – a category this podcast here falls within. I started listening to Mixergy something like ten years ago, and it was one of the main podcasts that got my gears turning to eventually start this podcast – after putting it off for years, of course.

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Use Task Transitions to Optimize Your Creative Flow – Love Your Work, Episode 168

March 07, 2019

task transitions podcast

To optimize your creative output, you need a creative productivity system. If you can identify the building blocks of your daily work, you can construct a system that works for you.

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Vanessa Van Edwards: Charisma for the Awkward – Love Your Work, Episode 167

February 28, 2019

vanessa van edwards podcast

Vanessa Van Edwards (@vvanedwards) is a recovering awkward person who teaches people how to be more successful with people.

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