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David Kadavy is bestselling author of The Heart to Start & Design for Hackers, & host of Love Your Work

Choose Problems Worth Having – Love Your Work, Episode 192

August 22, 2019

problems worth having podcast

Have you ever wondered to yourself: How the the hell did I end up in this situation?

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24 things I learned self publishing 3 books in only 6 months

August 16, 2019

This post was originally published on The Writing Cooperative on June 5, 2018. Hear an author-read podcast version.

After I published my first book, it took six years before I published my second book. Today, only six months after publishing my second book, I’m publishing my fourth book. keep on reading »

Easy Money. Hard Time. Ryan Evans. – Love Your Work, Episode 191

August 15, 2019

ryan evans tend

Ryan Evans (@ryanevans) wanted to make easy money. Growing up on a pig farm, Ryan was used to making little money for lots of hard work.

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July 2019 Income Report

August 14, 2019

An audio version of this income report is available to Patreon backers of certain levels »

July’s revenues were $6,481.57, down from June’s $7,182.77. Profits were $1,609.65, down from June’s $4,551.83. keep on reading »

The Variable Money Value of Time – Love Your Work, Episode 190

August 08, 2019

variable money value time

You may have heard that you should assign yourself an “aspirational hourly rate.” That you should tell yourself you’re worth, say, $300 an hour; and if you can spend $300 to save yourself an hour, you should do so.

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80,000 Hours to Change the World – Rob Wiblin – Love Your Work, Episode 189

August 01, 2019

robert wiblin interview

Rob Wiblin (@robertwiblin) is the Director of Research at an organization called 80,000 Hours, and host of the 80,000 Hours Podcast. 80,000 hours being the amount of hours you will spend working in a typical career. 80,000 Hours is dedicated to finding out just how effective various careers are, and who is suited for those careers.

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End the Time Management World. Start the Mind Management World. – Love Your Work, Episode 188

July 25, 2019

mind management world podcast

We’re so accustomed to operating in a time management world, we can’t imagine it being any different. We all have our calendars full, and even then we can’t seem to manage it all.

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June 2019 Income Report

July 23, 2019

An audio version of this income report is available to Patreon backers of certain levels »

June’s revenues were $7,182.77, up from May’s $4,968.21. Profits were $4,551.83, up from May’s $2,812.51. keep on reading »

One Small Step, The Kaizen Way: Dr. Robert Maurer – Love Your Work, Episode 187

July 18, 2019

robert maurer kaizen

Dr. Robert Maurer (@Dr_RobertMaurer) is author of One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way. He’s also Director of Behavioral Sciences for the Family Practice Residency Program at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center and a faculty member with the UCLA School of Medicine. In One Small Step, Dr. Maurer shows you how to make really big changes with ridiculously small steps.

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Shut Down the Consumer Mind. Fire Up the Creator Mind. – Love Your Work, Episode 186

July 11, 2019

creator mind podcast

Breaking through resistance to be creative is a battle with your own mind. We learned last week from Dr. Robert Lustig about how commerce is set up to hack your mind into a state of constant wanting, wanting, wanting.

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