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October 2018 Income Report

November 15, 2018

October’s revenues were $6,690.83, down from September’s $7,400.23. Profits were $2,057.92, down from September’s $5,189.48.
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September 2018 Income Report

October 16, 2018

September’s revenues were $7,400.23, up from August’s $6,491.13. Profits were $5,189.48, up from August’s $2,348.70. keep on reading »

August 2018 Income Report

September 14, 2018

August’s revenues were $6,491.13, down from July’s $6,873.42. Profits were $2,348.70, down from July’s $3,458.77. keep on reading »

July 2018 Income Report

August 15, 2018

July’s revenues were $6,873.42, up from June’s $4,282.10. Profits were $3,458.77, up from June’s  $3,030.73. keep on reading »

June 2018 Income Report

July 10, 2018

June’s revenues were $4,282.10, up from May’s $2,302.81. Profits were $3,030.73, up from May’s $1,324.23. keep on reading »

May 2018 Income Report

June 20, 2018

May revenues were $2,302.81, down from April’s $4,023.66. Profits were only $1,324.23, down from April’s $2,707.36. keep on reading »

April 2018 Income Report

May 30, 2018

March was the highest-revenue month in two and a half years, February was “scarily bad,” but April was sort of in-between. I made $4,023.66, with $2,707.36. But I had the anomaly of a $1,147.00 accounting bill related to tax time, so actual profit was a bit higher. keep on reading »

March 2018 Income Report

April 20, 2018

After a “scarily bad” month in February, March was the best month I’ve had since I started reporting revenues at the beginning of the year: $9,910.71 of revenue. It might seem premature to call anything a “best month” three months into reporting, but it was also my best month in awhile. keep on reading »

February 2018 Income Report

March 12, 2018

Well, I’m doing it again: Publishing an income report. I did like how publishing my first income report helped me think more strategically about my income in the business. keep on reading »

January 2018 Income Report

February 19, 2018

For the first time ever, I’m publishing an income report. I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing these, but I thought I’d try it at least once, for various reasons. keep on reading »