BookVault promo code: Free title setup and file upload

I love how BookVault lets me sell direct to customers through my Shopify store. Their print quality has been a step above others, such as Amazon KDP or IngramSpark. But, they still have that pesky title setup fee of £20 per book. As I write this, that’s more than $25, and can really add up if you publish a lot of books.

But if you have a BookVault promo code, you won’t have to pay to setup your title – and thus you won’t start your book’s publishing journey in the red.

But where do you get this mystery BookVault promo code? I foolishly paid to set up all the books in my online store. But now I know a little secret that can save an active author hundreds of dollars a year: The Alliance of Independent Authors (“ALLi”) offers to its members promo codes for free set-up on BookVault.

Here’s how to get your custom BookVault promo code, for free title setup and revisions:

Step 1: Click here to join the Alliance of Independent Authors.

This isn’t free, but with the help of the BookVault promo code, membership quickly pays for itself.

It would be worth it just to support all they do for independent authors, such as standing up for indies during the “Audiblegate” scandal, their private Facebook community, their podcast, their self-publishing guides, and their Watchdog Desk, which weeds out the scammers from the useful self-publishing services and literary awards.

The many coupons ALLi has, especially this BookVault promo code, makes it a no-brainer. (Since you’re uploading your first book, the right membership level for you is “Author.” I’ll get a little payment if you join, and you also can earn for referring other members.)

Step 2: Click here to visit ALLi’s discounts and promotion codes page.

bookvault promo code is under approved partners, discounts and deals

Once you’re a logged in member, this link will take you directly to ALLi’s directory of discounts and deals.

Step 3: Click on Production/Distribution

the bookvault promo code is under production/distribution

This will narrow down the discounts and deals to the category in which you’ll find IngramSpark.

Step 4: Click on “More Details”, under the BookVault logo

click on more details under the bookvault logo to get the bookvault promo code

This will take you directly to a page with your own custom BookVault promo code. You should see something like this:

Note: I don’t publish enough to know for sure, but word on the street is you can use this five (5) times each month. That’s more than enough for most authors.

Step 5: Copy your BookVault promo code

find your own bookvault promo code

Step 6: Paste your BookVault promo code into BookVault.

At the bottom of the page when you’re setting up a title, you’ll see a “Promocode” box. Paste in your BookVault promo code, and click “Apply.” (Note this code is only good if you’re providing your own ISBN number, rather than being issued one by BookVault.)

apply your BookVault promo code

And that’s how you get your own BookVault promo code

Join ALLi. It’s is worth it just for this promotion code for free title setup, but it has a ton of other perks. If you are committed to your career in self-publishing, I can’t recommend it enough.