7 Distraction-Free Writing Tools

When I first wrote about my AlphaSmart years ago, I got a lot of confused comments as to why I would want a device with a one-color screen and no internet. “Why not just focus” was the general response Since then, there’s been a slow but sure growth in interest in distraction-free writing devices.

In fact, the New Yorker even recently wrote about them. Distraction-free writing tools tend to not have internet, nor notifications. Plus, we spend a ton of time on electronic devices. Many people report eyestrain from looking at screens, but I personally have noticed I’m sensitive to EMFs, and I fatigue quickly on even a low-EMF computing setup.

Plus, as I wrote about in my book, Mind Management, Not Time Management, different stages of the creative process call for different tools. I think of them as either “grippy” or “slippy” tools.

Here are some distraction-free writing tools and devices, besides apps, and the obvious pen-and-paper or small whiteboard.

Here’s a few ways, if you’re technically adept, you can hack existing devices to be more distraction-free: