Is ego depletion real?

My notes on Is Ego Depletion Real? An Analysis of Arguments. Malte Friese, et al.

This paper looks at the ego depletion research to see if there’s enough evidence against ego depletion to convince a proponent that it does not exist, or if there’s enough evidence for ego depletion to convince a skeptic that it does in fact exist. The conclusion of the paper is that the available evidence is inconclusive, and can’t ultimately make a compelling case on either side of the debate.

(These are my personal notes, so they may not all make sense to you.)

What is ego depletion?

Alternative models

Evidence against ego depletion

In defense of ego depletion

Limitations of meta-analyses

Limitations of replication studies (RRR)

Shortcomings of manipulations and dependent variables

Limitations of Moderator and Mediator studies

Absence of Reverse Depletion Effects

Evidence for Ego Depletion in everyday life

What does this all mean?

Comments on methods

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