Rappi Coupon (Rappi Cupón)

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Rappi is an amazing service. If you live in Latin America, I have a great Rappi Coupon (o cupón Rappi, ou Rappi cupom) for you.

Get this $100.000 COP in Rappi free delivery coupon when you use my code!

Claim your Rappi free delivery coupon

Go to Rappi.com, download the app, and enter the code:


Rappi can deliver you just about anything. I use it for groceries, food delivery. I’ve even used it to get important documents sent from one part of town to another – like a courier service.

Rappi is currently available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. They’re expanding rapidly, so I’m sure they’ll be near you soon!

How Rappi works

Rappi lets you order directly from a ton of different restaurants and stores. For many restaurants, the menu is right there in the app. This makes delivery incredibly simple.

But you can also use the “lo que sea” option to order anything you want. If there’s a restaurant or a store from which you want to buy something, and that something is small enough to fit in the big Rappi box the drivers have on the back of their motorcycle or bike, then you can order it!

You can also order a lot of household items, which has come in handy during the COVID pandemic. We recently ordered some custard dishes, a sieve, and a mixing bowl, to make some homemade creme brulee.

Anyway, check out the Rappi first order coupon above and check out Rappi, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s a lifesaver.


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