Ingram Spark promotion code: Free set up and revisions every time

Ingram Spark charges $49 to set up a book, and $25 every file you upload. Even a tiny typo can cost you. But if you have an Ingram Spark promotion code, you’ll never have to pay for setting up or editing a book again.

But where do you get this mystery Ingram Spark promo code? I foolishly paid for setting up my first book, and even revising it. But now I know a little secret that saves me hundreds of dollars each year: The Alliance of Independent Authors (“ALLi”) offers to its members promo codes for free set-up and revisions on Ingram Spark.

Here’s how to get your custom Ingram Spark promotion code, for free set-up and revisions:

Step 1: Click here to join the Alliance of Independent Authors.

This isn’t free, but with the help of the Ingram Spark promotion code, membership quickly pays for itself.

It would be worth it just to support all they do for independent authors, such as standing up for indies during the “Audiblegate” scandal, their private Facebook community, their podcast, their self-publishing guides, and their Watchdog Desk, which weeds out the scammers from the useful self-publishing services and literary awards.

The many coupons ALLi has, especially this Ingram Spark promotion code, makes it a no-brainer. (Since you’re uploading your first book, the right membership level for you is “Author.” I’ll get a little payment if you join, and you also can earn for referring other members.)

Step 2: Click here to visit ALLi’s Ingram Spark promotion code page.

ALLi has many discounts and deals on vetted services in their directory, but once you’re a logged in member, this link will take you directly to your custom Ingram Spark promotion code. You should see something like this:Ingram Spark promotion code

Note: Your code changes every month, and you can use it up to five (5) times each month. That’s more than enough for most authors.

Step 3: Copy your Ingram Spark promotion code

Step 4: Paste your Ingram Spark promotion code into Ingram Spark.

When you’re setting up or revising a title, after uploading files, you’ll see a breakdown of fees, with a promotion code box. Paste your code into the box, and click “Apply.”

ingram spark promotion code box

You can see I saved myself $50 in one use updating the cover for my Ingram Spark hardcover.

Note that sometimes the code doesn’t work right away. Check to make sure you haven’t accidentally pasted any spaces. I once had had to re-type my code in ALL CAPS, which fixed it. If you have trouble, contact Ingram Spark’s support – not ALLi’s – and in my experience they help right away. ALLi and Ingram are tight like that.

And that’s how you get your own Ingram Spark promotion code

Join ALLi. It’s is worth it just for this promotion code, but it has a ton of other perks. If you are committed to your career in self-publishing, I can’t recommend it enough.