75,000 Starwood Points with the Starwood AMEX

I love to travel. But, I hate to PAY for travel.

So, I do a little hack for myself: I buy everything I can with my Starwood AMEX card. Ubers, Instacart, paleo meal delivery, gilt clothes – EVERYTHING I can.

Why? Because I know I’ll be earning Starwood points all along. The next thing I know, I’ve got a big hunk of Starwood points I can use for booking free airline tickets, hotels, and many more things.

Don’t waste time shopping around. This is THE card to get.

Sure, there may be cards out there that offer a good way to get miles or other perks. Usually, they offer a huge bonus, then the points gradually become less and less valuable. That hasn’t been the case with AMEX. This has consistently been the card that my friends just won’t shut up about, because it’s so versatile.

Here’s a few awesome things about it:

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