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A Photo Trip Across Iowa on Lincoln Highway

July 17 2005 – 06:38pm

On a trip across Iowa, I decided to take the highway instead of the interstate. It may have taken a few minutes longer to make the trip, but I saw some interesting things along the way. The highway I travelled on was the historic Lincoln Highway.

Jesus Sign on Lincoln Highway
Stuff like this is quite common along the highway, which makes me wonder how Iowa remains not a part of Jesusland

Cafe, Tama, Iowa
I was impressed to see that this cafe in Tama, Iowa offered free wireless internet.

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Lincoln Highway Bridge, Tama Iowa
Lincoln Highway Bridge in Tama, Iowa.

Rialto Theater
Rialto Theater. I don’t remember where this was. I couldn’t get them to put my name on the marquee.

graffiti on the side of a train

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