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Livestream/AMA: Book Marketing, Motivation, Language Learning, Picking a Project, and Selling Foreign Rights – Love Your Work, Episode 289

October 06 2022 – 07:30am

ama-september-2022Today I have a special episode for you. If you missed last month’s AMA/Livestream, I’m delivering it right to your ears.

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In this AMA, I answered questions about:

I also mention in this my new giveaway, and I’ll tell you briefly about it now. I’m giving away 20 of my favorite creativity books. As you know from this show, I’m a creativity enthusiast. I love to think about how to tap into your creativity and motivate action, and I love stories about how all creators do that, whether they’re writers, painters, musicians, scientists – or do any kind of creative work.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite creativity books, spanning mindset, creativity science, biographies, and more. I’m reaching into my own pocket and buying all twenty book for one lucky winner. Find out which books are on the list and sign up at

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