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Your Mess Is Your Message. Amber Rae on Choosing Wonder Over Worry. – Love Your Work, Episode 153

November 22 2018 – 07:30am

amber rae podcast

Amber Rae (@heyamberrae] was on the wrong path. She was swept up in the hype of the Silicon Valley startup scene. She was working too many hours on too many projects. She pushed herself so hard, she drove herself into anxiety, addiction, and eventually triggered a seizure.

But Amber was doing some writing on the side. That writing helped her discover what she was hiding from, and find meaning in her past. In Amber’s mess, she found the message.

Now Amber helps entrepreneurs and creators develop emotional mastery. She’s sharing what she’s learned in her new book, Choose Wonder Over Worry: Move Beyond Fear and Doubt to Unlock Your Full Potential.

In today’s conversation, we’ll talk about:

Amber’s a very exciting creator, and there’s much much more to this conversation, so listen to hear the rest.

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