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At An iPod Bar in Des Moines

May 16 2005 – 10:25pm

So I’m on a business trip in Des Moines at a bar called The Lift (it has Wi-Fi), and it is the first implementation I have seen of iPod DJing. People hand their iPods to the bartender with a fifteen minute playlist on it, and free of charge, he plays each iPod in the order it was received (except tonight, since it’s “Ladies 80’s,” and ladies go first). One of my friends had this idea awhile ago, and we were pretty surprised to see someone was already doing it. His idea involved an automated system though, but that may not be worth it until iPods have Bluetooth or something similar. I told them I was blogging about their bar, and they took a picture of me. It should be included with the other iPod night photos soon.


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