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Be Yourself for a Living: The Vision

December 01 2009 – 03:13pm

Wouldn’t it be nice to be yourself for a living? You would spend every moment doing something you wanted to be doing. You would personally like and care about every person with whom you interacted; and they would feel the same way about you. You would be where you wanted to be, when you wanted to be there. Yet magically, every one of those actions, and every one of those relationships, would operate within a beautiful system that gave you financial security, and an overall happy, healthy, and wealthy life.

It’s called Being Yourself for a Living; and while it’s been done before – but reserved to those of massive celebrity and resources – it’s becoming more feasible for more people each and every day. Technology has brought us channels that allow us to express our unique personalities, to share our unique knowledge and experiences, and to explore our curiousities.

You may have just one burning passion. Some may say that BYFL will be easier for you; but not necessarily. In today’s world, boundless curiousity is once again an asset. You’ll have to know a little HTML at the least. The Renaissance Person is back.

It will start with a blurry flurry of snowflakes. “You lack focus.” But eventually those snowflakes stick together. Technology has brought us feedback mechanisms by which to see just which of those snowflakes stick. You now have a snowball, and the ground upon which you stand has been blanketed. Start rolling!

Hi, my name is Kadavy, Inc.. What is your name?

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