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Blog 2 BLING! A free course, only available LIVE on Periscope #blog2bling

September 08 2015 – 08:43am

“I started a blog, but I never update it.”

“I know I should start a blog, but I haven’t gotten around to it.”

Are these things you find yourself saying? I have just the thing to help you.

I’ve spent more than 10 years going from starting a crappy little blog on, to landing dream jobs, dream clients, passive revenue, a book deal for a best-selling book, and eventually, selling my own products.

I want to share what I learned along the way, so you can have similar success, without waiting 10 years.

Why good advice doesn’t work

There’s tons of advice out there on starting a blog, and making money from it. I constantly have people coming to me for advice, looking to quit their jobs, and have a life like the one I’ve built. (I’ve made a habit of living in various locations while I run my business. It’s fun.)

Much of the advice out there is practically correct: If you don’t have a problem with willpower, and follow the instructions, YES, building an online business is simple.

But if you’re like most people, you struggle with motivation. When you realize everything required to start an online business, you get so overwhelmed, you want to give up.

That’s why this course is designed to get you to take action.

I’ll teach you my formula, so you can use it to motivate yourself to take action, and eventually build the business, and life, of your dreams.

Only Available LIVE on Periscope (This is Your One Chance, so Don’t Blow it)

To be sure you take action, you’ll need to commit to attending this course LIVE. I’ll hold five (5) sessions on Periscope, each at the same time, every day of next week.

It’s strongly advised that you attend these sessions LIVE. If that’s impossible for you, remember, the recordings will be up for only 24 hours before they disappear FOREVER.

(This is how Periscope works, but it happens to be perfect to motivate you to watch all of the course sessions.)

This course is being held for FREE, ONE TIME ONLY. There are currently NO PLANS to hold it EVER AGAIN.

Course Curriculum

Each class will be held at noon CST, only on Periscope.

How to enroll and make sure you don’t miss a session

All you have to do is follow me on Periscope. You’ll get notified whenever I’m broadcasting.

1. Download & install Periscope for iPhone or Android

2. Search for me (“David Kadavy”) on Periscope



3. Tap the follow button


4. Tune into the broadcasts

Again, this class is ONLY available on Periscope, so this is your one chance to learn my tricks, and even ask me a few questions. See you in class!

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