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David Allen’s Accidental Legacy – Love Your Work, Episode 171

March 28 2019 – 07:30am

david allens getting things done legacy

David Allen (@gtdguy) has built a legacy. He’s created a system that helps millions of people get more of what they want out of life. Getting Things Done, the book, has sold millions of copies. And there’s an entire cottage industry of GTD apps and consultants, all over the world.

Even if you’ve never read or heard of GTD, you or someone you work with probably operates with “next actions,” and “contexts.”

David and I talked more about the GTD system back in his first appearance on the show on episode 85.

This time, we’ll be talking about David’s accidental legacy. How does somebody create something that spreads like wildfire and changes the culture?

Today, we’ll talk about:

If you want to know what all the GTD fuss is about, be sure to read my Getting Things Done book summary.

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