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Design Internship advice to a Millennial – Love Your Work, Episode 88

August 28 2017 – 07:30am

design-internship-adviceLove Your Work listener Gustav Dybeck is a design student from Sweden. He has an opportunity to do an internship for about 9 months, and he wants to make the most of it before he starts his career.

You may have heard a clip a couple of episodes back on Gustav’s favorite moment on Love Your Work.

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He was in Medellin awhile back, and since I originally pursued a career in design, Gustav was interested in hearing what I thought he should do for his internship. So, we talked about it in a cafe.

A quick warning, there’s a lot of background noise in this. It was an off-the-cuff idea to record our conversation, so this episode is a bit of an experiment.

We’ll talk about:

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