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Don’t reach. Grow.

March 18 2010 – 02:28pm

There are two types of actions in this world: growing actions, and reaching actions. Growing builds mountains, and reaching forms shells. You should grow more often than you reach.

The database* at that business event who immediately hands you his card and pitches his pitch – before even exchanging one authentic line of dialog with you is reaching. The dear friend of yours who gives you advice from time to time on your business is growing.

The entrepreneur who raises VC money to build a “craigslist killer,” because of “market opportunity” rather than to change the world is reaching. The entrepreneur who shares her knowledge to bring customers to her family business is growing.

Growing builds mountains. Reaching forms shells. Mountains are solid, stable. There for eons. Shells are weak, fragile. Soon to be sand.

Work with what you have. Don’t reach. Grow.

*douchebag is such an ugly word.

Mountain Photo from kiwinz

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