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Flatmate Meetup Chicago is now HeyRoommates

April 05 2010 – 01:19pm

The ultimate Chicago roommates finder just got better with a new name, and a new platform. Almost four years ago, I started Flatmate Meetup as I was looking for a place in San Francisco. I found sending literally dozens of e-mails – and getting no response – to be utterly frustrating. Persuaded by a friend, I hopped on, and set up a mixer at a bar. It was an instant hit with all of the attendees. I later went to a housewarming party for a group of roommates that met at that event.

Since then, I expanded the idea as I moved to Chicago. Now, Kadavy, Inc. is taking a big step with this new name, and dedicated social network. The San Francisco events will remain Flatmate Meetup for the time being, but here in Chicago, (as announced on our new blog) it will now be known as HeyRoommates. This new name will make it easier for us to bring in people who are looking for roommates in Chicago, and ultimately make it easier for them to find a place to live. Our dedicated social network (powered by Ning for now) will give us tools and data that will help us market the service more effectively.

Best of all, the roommate-mixers (like speed-dating, but if it goes well, you sleep in separate beds) will still be FREE, and tons of fun.

So, if you’re looking for a roommate in Chicago, sign up, and come to a HeyRoommates mixer.

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