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Getting Art Done will help you bring your work into the world

April 27 2017 – 09:43am

Getting Art DoneOMFG, I’m writing another book. In the course of helping thousands of students learn design, and in the course of my own creative endeavors as an author, designer, entrepreneur, and podcaster, I’ve discovered a problem:

Getting things done is completely different from getting art done.

The difference between “Things” and “Art”

Things have a linear, step-by-step progression. Yes, GTD helps you define that progression, and clear your head. Then, it’s just a matter of executing.

But creative endeavors aren’t so simple. You have to create the conditions for insights to happen. You have to fight through distractions, find “flow,” and break through when you hit a block.

I think Stephen Pressfield nailed his coining of the term “The Resistance” in his book The War of Art.

The Resistance will fool you into not bringing your art into the world. It will make you abandon project after project, it will make you keep researching more than you need to, and it will make you think you just need one more tweak before you ship.

Getting Art Done will help you break through The Resistance

Deep down, it’s really just fear. Your Ego fears your art, because making art exposes you to the discomfort of truth.

Once you’ve identified The Resistance, what are you to do? Yes, you can bear down and Do the Work, but a stoic mindset can only get you so far.

With Getting Art Done, I’ll give you a framework for understanding how The Resistance holds you back from bringing your work into the world. Then, I’ll give you practical and actionable techniques for breaking down The Resistance, and building a body of work being proud of.

Why I’m writing Getting Art Done

When I was writing Design for Hackers, I would spend 12 hours a day banging my head against the wall, just to get 15 minutes of good writing.

Why couldn’t I just do that writing, and get on with my day?

In the past 7 years, I’ve pored over books on neuroscience and behavioral science. I’ve interviewed neuroscientist John Kounios, and behavioral economist Dan Ariely on my podcast. I even worked with Dan to add productivity features to Google Calendar.

In 2016, I quadrupled my creative productivity applying what I’ve learned along the way.

You can read Getting Art Done for free: Just sign up at by the evening of May 5th, and I’ll send you a chapter a day. I can’t wait to see what you make.

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