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I Started a DIY MBA Group (& You’re Not Invited)

May 11 2009 – 04:42pm

Remember when I was testing the waters to see if there was interest in a DIYMBA group? Well, there was plenty of interest. Some were more interested than others. Those in the latter group and I started a DIY MBA group. Here’s what it consists of so far:

Sorry to say, but you’re not invited. There’s a ton of people we wish we could include in the group – but won’t. Here’s why we’re keeping the group small:

That said, I encourage you to start your own DIY MBA group, and I’ll do whatever I can to help you if you do. If you do, we would be very interested to hear how you run your group. Further down the road we can share resources and ideas, and maybe even find a way to join forces.

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Some books/resources I/we have found useful:

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