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Love Your Work, Episode 47 – Getting the most out of email: Jocelyn K. Glei

October 13 2016 – 07:37am

jocelyn-k-gleiJocelyn K. Glei is author of the new book, Unsubscribe: How to Kill Email Anxiety, Avoid Distractions, and Get Real Work Done. It’s an awesome book that I really wish I had when I was first trying to get things done with email in the working world. I’ve since gotten my email decently organized, just through learning the hard way. Still, Unsubscribe had some very useful ideas and tools for me, I’ll be exploring it all in my conversation with Jocelyn today.

Listen to this episode to learn how you can keep email from distracting you from your important work, how can you use it to move projects forward, to build relationships with influential people, and how can you use it in a way that will nurture the relationships that you do have?

If you’ve been wondering: should you make your bed?, Jocelyn shares her philosophy.


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Show Notes

Why is email distracting?

How do you manage email overload?

How to move projects forward with email

How to build and manage relationships through email

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