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Kadavy’s Four Things

February 27 2006 – 10:49pm

Okay, Adrian, you got me. This should be fun, anyway.

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

  1. Golf cart attendant
  2. AT&T Customer Service Rep
  3. Inbound Telemarketer for every “blue screen” commercial you can imagine
  4. Whatever you want to call what I do now

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:

  1. Election
  2. Good Will Hunting
  3. Dark Passage
  4. Gummo

Four Places I Have Lived:

  1. Omaha, Nebraska
  2. Kearney, Nebraska
  3. Rome, Italy
  4. San Jose, California

Four Places I have Vacationed:

  1. Chicago, Illinois
  2. Breckenridge, Colorado
  3. Park City, Utah
  4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Four of My Favorite Dishes:

  1. Proscuitto & Mozarella
  2. A burger from Goldberg’s
  3. Combination Rice Stick Noodle Soup from Vung Tau
  4. Chewing Gum

Four Sites I Visit (almost) Daily:

  1. Welcome to Adobe GoLive 4
  3. Technorati
  4. WTFSanJo

Four TV Shows I Love:

  1. Seinfeld
  2. Arrested Development
  3. Doogie Howser, M.D.
  4. The Weather Channel

Four Places I’d Rather Be Right Now:

  1. Rome
  2. The Pantheon
  3. On a bench
  4. Watching rain fall through the oculus

Four Bloggers I am Passing the Torch To:

  1. Katie
  2. Joe
  3. Aynne
  4. Fling93

Ewww, I feel violated. So much personal information.

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