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Turn Rejection into Opportunity. Libryia Jones of Wanderist. – Love Your Work, Episode 103

December 11 2017 – 07:30am

libryia jonesLibryia Jones (@wanderwomanic) has made it easier for people to have the experience of living in different places. Last year, she organized a trip for her and and more than thirty others to spend a year on the road. They lived in places like Prague, Cape Town, and my personal favorite, Medellín.

If you’ve been listening to this show for awhile, you know that I’m a big advocate of travel. More accurately I’m a big advocate of mini-lives – living on a different place for a month or more at a time. It’s a great way to grow and it just makes life interesting.

But travel isn’t always easy. You have to find a place to live and work, and it can be more fun if you have others to share the experience with.

Libryia’s company, Wanderist is organizing another trip. In fact, there are two opportunities to come through Medellín, so hopefully some listeners will check it out.

In this conversation, we’ll talk about:

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