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Love Your Work, Episode 11 – Hack Hidden Value w/ Nick Gray of Museum Hack

February 10 2016 – 08:13pm

nickgray-musem-hackNick Gray is the founder of Museum Hack. Museum Hack makes super fun museum tours such as the “Un-Highlights Tour,” the “Badass Bitches Tour,” and the “Big Gay Met.”

You’ve heard in previous episodes such as “Transform Stuff into Things” (blog post) that I think the world moves forward when someone explores the hidden sources of value that are out there, & gives them form. I’ve always found Nick to be great at doing just that, not only with Museum Hack, but also with everyday things like sharing an inventive Facebook birthday greeting, or throwing a very rapid but worthwhile cocktail party. We explore this tendency for extracting hidden value in our conversation, in the context of upgrading your social life, using virtual assistants to take care of email while going for a walk, or getting yourself to read more books.

This will also be a useful discussion for anyone who has struggled with whether to turn a hobby into a business, or anyone who has felt the discomfort of charging money for something they enjoy doing.

If you’ve been wondering: should you make your bed?, Nick shares his philosophy, as well his step-by-step method of making his bed.

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