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Love Your Work, Episode 13 – Your Weakness is Your Superpower w/ Maneesh Sethi

February 25 2016 – 07:30am

maneesh-shocks-steve-harveyManeesh Sethi is the founder of Pavlok. Pavlok is a wrist band that gives you an electric shock that helps you break bad habits. It’s a crazy idea, so it’s definitely gotten a lot of attention. Pavlok has been featured on Good Morning America, The Colbert Report, and Jimmy Fallon (and, as you can see, the Steve Harvey Show). In our discussion we talk about how I used Pavlok to break my bad Facebook habit, and I can tell you, it’s extremely effective.

Maneesh is a great example of someone who has taken what he used to consider his weakness, and turned it into his superpower. He has always struggled with focusing, but he’s found ways to cope with that, and harness the creativity that is a product of that lack of focus.

You’ll find relatable things in this conversation if there’s anything you’ve felt was your weakness. Maneesh has learned to surround himself with people who fill in his gaps, and Pavlok is an obvious product of his struggle with his attention.

If you’ve been wondering: should you make your bed?, Maneesh shares his philosophy.

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