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Click Here to Be Creative: Mark McGuinness of the 21st Century Creative Podcast – Love Your Work, Episode 163

January 31 2019 – 07:30am

mark mcguinness podcastMark McGuinness (@markmcguinness) is a creative coach, a poet, and a former psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art, calls Mark an “overeducated Brit who thinks deeply about stuff you and I have never heard of.”

Mark is the host of the 21st Century Creative Podcast (my interview on Mark’s podcast). On the 21st Century Creative, Mark explores how to take advantage of the huge opportunities presented by the digital age. This at a time when there are more distractions than ever threatening to take you off course, and fewer traditional safety nets to catch you when you fall.

In this conversation, we’ll talk about:

Mark also mentioned his 20 Creative Blocks list and ebook in the conversation.

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