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33% off the Mind Management, Not Time Management MP3 Audiobook

February 26 2021 – 03:13pm

Mind Management, Not Time Management audiobookAfter many grueling hours in the studio, and even more hours put in by my post-production team, the audiobook for Mind Management, Not Time Management is finally ready!

For the first time ever, I’m not entering into an exclusivity contract with Audible for the introduction of this audiobook.

Which means I can immediately sell it to you directly. This is great because instead of Amazon getting 75% of the money you pay for the audiobook, it all goes to the person who made the thing – me.

IF you are comfortable with loading MP3s onto your preferred audiobook-listening device, I highly encourage you to pick up the MP3 audiobook. These DRM-free files will be yours forever.

Otherwise, wait until it’s available on Audible, or any of dozens of other audiobook outlets. But, it may take several weeks before it makes it through their publishing processes.

(I still haven’t uploaded the audiobook to Audible. I’ll do that right after I send this email. That’s how fresh this is.)

To sweeten the deal, I’m offering 33% off the MP3 audiobook. Use the coupon IBUYDIRECT by March 5th.

Get 33% off the Mind Management, Not Time Management on MP3 audiobook with the code IBUYDIRECT »

Feel free to use the same coupon code to buy direct the Mind Management, Not Time Management ebook, or The Heart to Start on ebook or MP3 audiobook.

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