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My iTunes Feature Request: Song Ratings Database

February 05 2005 – 10:54am

Don’t make me rate all of my songs. Having songs rated is great for enhancing the Party Shuffle, and populating the “My Top Rated” playlist, but rating can be a hassle. Use the power of the Internet, and assign all of my songs an average rating, which takes the average rating of each song from all of the iTunes libraries across the world. Then let me override this rating by making my own rating, which is then sent to the database and calculated back into the average rating for that song.

I’m sure Apple has probably already thought of this and is working on it, but hurry up!

[4:16 PM – Title has been edited to be more descriptive]

[4:16 PM – One more thought]
Imagine the sales potential for the iTunes Music Store to know your ratings of songs, and to know what other songs are enjoyed by people who rate that song highly.

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