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My next book: Mind Management, Not Time Management (Preview Edition now available)

April 29 2020 – 04:24pm

The past decade or so, I’ve been working on a new approach to productivity. It all started when I realized that time management was failing me.

Think about it – even when you have the time, do you have the energy?

Too many of us live by our todo lists. We look at what needs to be done, then we try to find the time to do it.

Elite athletes warm up before a big game. They wouldn’t roll out of bed and expect to perform at their peak. So why do we treat our todo lists as if anything is possible at any moment?

That’s why I redesigned my life completely, not to manage my time, but instead to manage my mental energy. I even sold everything I owned and moved to a place where time, as most of us know it, doesn’t exist.

Mind Management Not Time Management Preview Edition

I’m sharing my story, and what I learned along the way, in my new book: Mind Management, Not Time Management. You can start reading it today!

You’ll learn:

I know a lot of you are suddenly finding yourself with more control over your time, yet less control over your mind. This book is exactly what you need in order to finally reach your mental peak.

So, I want to get this book in the hands of readers ASAP. I’m making a special Preview Edition available. More than 40% of the book is ready to read right now, and I’ll deliver more chapters as they become available.

Make no mistake: This is not one of my “short reads.” This is my biggest project ever.

You can read the Preview Edition months before anyone gets their hands on the First Edition.

Learn more and buy here.

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