Feed Your Good Wolf. Eric Zimmer of The One You Feed Podcast on Fighting Heroin Addiction with Creativity. – Love Your Work, Episode 181

June 06 2019 – 07:30am

one you feed podcast eric zimmerEric Zimmer (@etzimmer) was living in a van. He had Hepatitis C and weighed 100 pounds. Then he got arrested and lost his job. He was facing up to forty years in jail time. He had a $300-a-day addiction to heroin.

Today, Eric is host of the popular podcast, The One You Feed, which was named one of the best podcasts on iTunes in 2014, and has more than 10 million downloads. The One You Feed is based upon an old parable about a good wolf and a bad wolf at battle inside each of us. The one who wins is the one you feed.

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Eric straightened out his life and has overcome addiction. He helps others not only through The One You Feed, but also through behavioral coaching work.

How did Eric go from a $300-a-day heroin addiction to 13 years clean and sober? We’ll find out today.

We’ll also talk about:

And if you’d like to hear Eric interview me on The One You Feed, my episode went live yesterday! We talk about the importance of making good/bad judgement calls when you’re trying to make it as a creator. Listen here.

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