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Make your dreams reality. Peter Bragiel of In Transit TV – Love Your Work, Episode 63

March 02 2017 – 07:30am

peter bragiel of intransit tv canoes the mississippiPeter Bragiel wanted his own travel show. So, he got a camera and started traveling. At first, not much happened. He just kept stowing the tapes away in a box.

But, eventually, his adventures got bigger, and his videos got better. He’s traveled the entire trans-Siberian railway, he’s canoed the entire Mississippi river, and he even rode a tiny scooter, with a maximum speed of 29 miles-per-hour, across the United States. Peter’s adventures are released on his YouTube channel, under the brand In-Transit TV.

And Peter makes a living off of these travel videos. He’s worked with brands such as Range Rover and American Express. He also learned Spanish using Rosetta Stone, as preparation for a sponsored trip to Cuba. (He ended up crashing a vintage car during the shoot. You’ll hear about that, and what they did about it.)

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This week’s episode is a great story about making dreams happen. How did Peter finally get the courage to publish his videos? How does he plan bigger and bigger trips? Why did Peter – who worked as a runway model in Milan, and an actor in Los Angeles – reject the gatekeepers and choose himself?

I can’t help but feel, after listening to this conversation, that Peter and I are a lot alike. It seems like he has always felt compelled to travel and make videos, even if it didn’t immediately make sense. I know I’m always spending hours on things that don’t immediately make sense.

I especially liked hearing about how things he wrote in his journal years ago, eventually came to light. I think this is important to be aware of. Your subconscious is always trying to tell you something about your destiny, so it pays to listen.


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