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Make Art That Sells: Phil Thompson of Cape Horn Illustration – Love Your Work, Episode 133

July 09 2018 – 07:30am

phil thompson

Phil Thompson (@Cape_Horn_CHI) is the illustrator and business mind behind Cape Horn Illustration, which sells Chicago wall art. Today we have a great discussion on making art that sells.

Phil’s portfolio of products includes maps of microbreweries in Chicago, marathon maps for all of the major marathons, and “home portraits.” His work has been featured on the sets of major motion pictures like “The Big Sick,” and “Blockers.”

Chicago wall art in The Big Sick

Phil also happens to be my mastermind partner. We’ve been talking every two weeks about how to balance our individual artistic visions with what the market wants. We’ve learned a lot in our conversations, and I’m really excited to be sharing Phil and his work with you today.

Today, we’ll talk about:

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