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Quark to InDesign Migration Contest Letter

November 15 2004 – 09:37pm has announced the winning letter, in which Jeff Ferzoco explains to Quark why he’s switched to InDesign. Anyone who has used both programs regularly can relate and will find this letter hilarious. My favorite part: “Certainly, Quark, I won’t undo this decision.”

I switched about 2 1/2 years ago. I was amazed by the ease of use of InDesign and the familiarity of its interface (after using Illustrator), literally, within the first few minutes of using it. It’s so satisfying to hear more and more users making the switch and Quark getting what’s been coming to them. This is good news along with Firefox gaining rapidly on IE even before being a full release, and I look forward to seeing more people abandon their OS entirely.

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