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Quicksilver for OSX Will Change the Way You Use Your Mac

November 09 2004 – 10:16pm

I’m using an amazing new program called Quicksilver to use Mac OSX. Download it and use this tutorial to familiarize yourself with Quicksilver.

What’s so great about it? Imagine this:

Instead of using a mouse and opening your browser, then navigating through your bookmarks menu to access your weather bookmark, you could press the Quicksilver hotkey (by default, Control+Spacebar), then type the first few letters of the word “weather,” Quicksilver searches through all of your Safari bookmarks, finds your weather bookmark, and when it does, you press enter, thus launching Safari on the page indicated on your bookmark. More than anything, Quicksilver is great for launching applications.

The process saves time and repetitive stress, and can be used in this same manner for many of your tasks throughout the day.

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