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80,000 Hours to Change the World – Rob Wiblin – Love Your Work, Episode 189

August 01 2019 – 07:30am

robert wiblin interview

Rob Wiblin (@robertwiblin) is the Director of Research at an organization called 80,000 Hours, and host of the 80,000 Hours Podcast. 80,000 hours being the amount of hours you will spend working in a typical career. 80,000 Hours is dedicated to finding out just how effective various careers are, and who is suited for those careers.

We all want the work we do to matter. But how do we really know whether the work we do does matter?

The foundation of 80,000 Hours is a philosophy called Effective Altruism. The EA community asks tough questions about what are the most important issues facing humanity, and how best to address those issues. EA tends to come up with counterintuitive conclusions that go against most people’s first instincts.

You’re going to hear some of those counterintuitive conclusions. You’re also going to learn:

This is a much longer conversation than usual. I’d like to thank Rob Wiblin and 80,000 Hours for offering to cover the extra production costs over our usual shorter conversations. We pay by the minute, and they were happy to chip in to make this conversation more in-depth. You’ll find out why early on in the conversation.

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