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Love Your Work, Episode 4 – Find your superpowers: Saya Hillman of Mac & Cheese Productions

December 28 2015 – 02:25pm


After getting fired from her job, Saya Hillman made a list of things she wanted to get paid to do. 11 years later, she’s made all of those things a reality. She gets paid to play board games, do improv, or scrapbook, for example.

Saya’s company, Mac & Cheese Productions runs events that help people face their fears, and connect with others. She started it way back in 2004. Since then, she’s been featured in The Huffington Post, New York Times, and Forbes, amongst many others.

Mac & Cheese is a much more in-person business than most listeners are used to hearing about. It runs events such as “Fear Experiment,” where participants face their fears by putting together a show, and performing live in front of hundreds of people. And they also run many more events that help people break through their fears and connect with others.

She shares insights on living a “life of ‘yes,'” and finding your superpowers, as well as some productivity tips for running a business while wearing multiple hats. Saya will also provide her two cents: should you make your bed?

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