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Reclaim Creativity: Srini Rao of The Unmistakable Creative on “Creating for An Audience of One” – Love Your Work, Episode 149

October 25 2018 – 07:30am

Srini Rao (@unmistakableCEO) is host of the Unmistakable Creative podcast, and author of the new book, Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake. In Audience of One, Srini gives you the tools and encouragement you need to stop focusing on external validation, and to reconnect with your creative spark.

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In a world where you can publish your creative work to more people than ever, it’s easy to lose sight of why we create. If you’re dead set on your work reaching a lot of people, ironically, you’ll lose touch with that special something that makes your work resonate with others in the first place.

In this conversation, we’ll talk about:

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