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Making Money on STEEM and Steemit: A Beginner’s Guide to Earning Cryptocurrency on the Blockchain – Love Your Work, Episode 110

January 29 2018 – 07:30am

steem beginners podcast

Something that has been on the top of my mind the past few years is how creators can make an honest living from their work. You heard me talk with Hooked author Nir Eyal back on episode 21 about how technology is fragmenting attention, for example. These economics incentivize creators to be outlandish or even dishonest.

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But, the blockchain and cryptocurrencies may change all of that. I’ve been earning money for my writing lately on the STEEM blockchain, on a social network called Steemit. You heard me talk to STEEM’s CEO, Ned Scott back on episode 71.

I recently cashed in over $1,000 in STEEM cryptocurrency. Today I’ll be giving a basic introduction to making money on Steemit. You’ll learn:

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