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Top 5 Reasons You’re Reading This Post

February 27 2010 – 08:23pm

Of all the things you could possibly care about right now, this post is #1. So, why are you reading it? It’s simple!
todo list

  1. It’s a list. It makes everything seem so simple!
  2. It has the number “5” in the title of the post. What a pretty number. So round and even – yet odd.
  3. It will be really easy to read this list, so you’ll feel like you got something done, even though you’re procrastinating.
  4. You’re a social media expert, and you found this list on a social media channel, such as those mentioned in #5.
  5. Other people read it for the same reasons you did, and then shared it on Twitter, Delicous, Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook, and Scalewell news.

List photo from Carissa GoodNCrazy

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