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April 10 2005 – 04:21pm

Recently I wanted to buy some new shoes. I had ordered some shoes from a place called, and was thrilled with the experience: they had a good price on the shoes I wanted, and shipping was free – and my shoes showed up in two days. I have friends who had similarly positive experiences from ordering from, so I didn’t think twice about where to go when I needed some new shoes. Yes, needed.

So I ordered my shoes, and got a good price. Then a few minutes later, I noticed that they have a 110% Price Protection Policy. I looked around and quickly found the same shoes somewhere else for about $12 cheaper. So I called, and the helpful customer service representative gave me $14, and even upgraded my shipping to two day. The call took about five minutes…no red tape, fine print or the like.

It’s always worthy of note when a company “gets” customer service.

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